Selfles Rewards

The Give to Earn Economy

Everyone dreams of getting in on something world-changing right from the beginning. They want to say “I was there when it started”. 
If you are reading this, then your moment has come.
We are on a passion-driven mission to create ripples that will be felt for generations – to eradicate all forms of human trafficking. Through our Founders NFT Launch we are able to offer the founding members of the Selfles Community long-term rewards that will not be available to anyone else after the private launch ends. Grab yours today, join the movement, and you will be able to say “I was there when it all started”!


Additional Benefits

Getting in early has its perks. When you join the Selfles community as a Founder, your NFT comes with a staking multiplier. For example: if you start with 50,000 Selfles tokens, at the end of 12 months you will have a total of 150,000! It’s our way of saying thanks for partnering with us to build this community. In addition to the staking multipliers, you will also be rewarded more DAO votes.  Every quarter the DAO will vote on what charity organization will receive the funding from the Selfles treasury. This is not just the Selfles Community, it is your community, and we make a bigger impact when we work together!

Founder Launch ends soon!